Seascape Strawberry Jam


Seascape Strawberry Jam
Seascape Strawberry Jam Seascape Strawberry Jam Seascape Strawberry Jam Seascape Strawberry Jam


Think back to that first taste of seed-flecked strawberry jam slathered on fluffy white bread (or whole grain, if you had those kinds of parents). Or maybe you were lucky enough to grow up near a pick-your-own-farm where you could eat your fill (one for the basket, one for me . . . ).

One spoonful of this glorious spread and we were taken right back to that flavor of sun-warmed fruit and sticky berry juices.  

The jam geniuses at INNA jam remake this glorious spread with glossy, deep-red Seascape strawberries grown organically in Watsonville, California. You can see the real bits of soft fruit swirled in! Grown in the right conditions (hello, California sunshine), Seascape strawberry plants will produce flowers and fruit all year 'round, so we'll never have to go without our not-too-sweet, ruby-red fix.

tip of the tongue

As INNA jam knows, "you know what to do with strawberry jam." We know we'll be spreading this stuff on whole wheat bagels, slices of Plymouth's Hunter Cheddar cheese, almond butter sandwiches, homemade cheesecakes and much, much more.

Organic seascape strawberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, fruit pectin. Comes in a 10 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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