Sea Salt Black Licorice


Sea Salt Black Licorice
Sea Salt Black Licorice Sea Salt Black Licorice Sea Salt Black Licorice Sea Salt Black Licorice Sea Salt Black Licorice
  • $19 for a 7.4 oz box

Imagine the pure clean flavor of sweet licorice with the texture of a perfect chewy caramel and you can just imagine how great these are. –Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor, Food & Wine Magazine


These jet-black gems are nothing like those twizzled sticks from the movie theater. This is the real deal – the way licorice is supposed to taste, perfectly punctuated by flakes of sea salt. The smell alone makes our mouth water.

The Jacobsen family's love of good sea salt blossomed in Scandinavia. When they returned to Oregon and started harvesting salt themselves, they also set about crafting their signature licorice recipe – a bit mellower and less tart than the bracing treats they had first tasted on those same trips through Northern Europe. The final chewy, dark licorice, fragrant with aromatic anise, is one of our favorite backdrops for the Jacobsens' now-famous sea salt.

tip of the tongue

The intense, salty, mellow, almost minty flavor stands alone as the best afternoon pick-you-up.

Sugar, glucose, butter (sweet cream, natural flavoring, milk), molasses, whole wheat flour, Jacobsen flake sea salt, Jacobsen mineral sea salt, anise oil, artificial coloring. Individually wrapped candies come in a 2.4 oz box.

  • contains dairy.
  • contains wheat.
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