Salted Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix



"Even if he’s not much of a baker, this mix is no-fail. We think it’s great for kids and adults alike."


This is the classic, family recipe chocolate chip cookie but all grown up, with a buzzy hint of espresso and the balancing crunch of flaky sea salt. And here's the kicker: Absolutely no one is going to believe these came from a box! 

We've been searching for an indie cookie mix we could get behind and we finally found it – top quality ingredients, mixed together in small batches. That's right, it takes all the work out of baking and keeps all of the made-from-scratch goodness.

One box contains just about everything needed for warm, soft, salty-sweet cookies. You bring the egg and the unsalted butter (and, yes, the oven). In minutes, your kitchen will smell great from these little treats baked with dark chocolate chunks and sprinkled with a coffee sea salt made by our friends at Jacobsen Salt Co. (hooray for maker collaboration!).

Krista Nelson designed her cookie mixes with the “anti-baker” in mind, for those of us who are a little, ahem recipe challenged. She takes the guesswork out of precise measurement and prints an easy-to-follow checklist on the side of every box. And since the recipe gets built in one large bowl, with no heavy-duty beating required, there is almost nothing to clean up at the end. 

Needless to say, we’ve been whisked away.

tip of the tongue

We find that our cookies take a few minutes longer to bake than the recommended time, and that we get the tastiest cookies if we pull them from the oven when they still look a tiny bit underdone. Every oven is a little bit different, though, so be sure to keep a close eye on the time, especially for your first batch. 

  • $18.25 for a 17 oz box