Salt + Pepper Chocolate Bar

Salt + Pepper Chocolate Bar


  • $9.50 for a 2.75 oz bar

Mouth says...

Salt and pepper are rarely seen apart, but when it comes to chocolate, pepper tends to get the short end of the stick. Not so here – both spices work together, taking on new life in a context beyond the kitchen. Kosher salt is the perfect backdrop to boost out the complex flavor of this 67% Ghanaian chocolate, while the freshly cracked black pepper is nothing to sneeze at: its delicious mild heat gives this bar the full yin-yang flavor factor. 

You can taste the South in these small-batch bars from the heart of Music City. In maker Scott Witherow's signature Southern Artisan Chocolate method, traditional technique meets modern innovation and a distinctly Southern twang. Cacao beans are slow-roasted, stone-ground and combined with brown sugar, giving the finished chocolate a subtle, delicious molasses flavor – sleepily sweet, like the best country songs.

Tip of the Tongue

Like salt and pepper, this bar is good with everything. We recommend serving it at a dinner party (with a Salt and Pepa soundtrack, of course) and challenging guests to guess what it's flavored with – they'll be shocked at how simple the answer is!


Cacao beans (Ghana), brown sugar, cacao butter, kosher salt and black peppercorns. Comes in a 2.75 oz bar. NOTE: May contain traces of nuts.