Salad Days

Salad Days
Salad Days Salad Days
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Includes gift wrap in our signature tote


This is the moment for big salads. We're into all kinds of lettuce (green, red, soft, crisp, bitter, sweet) and can't stop daydreaming about what to toss in next (bacon, grilled apricot, toasted nuts, chopped pickled anything...). But lettuce be honest, it's the dressing we're most obsessed with.

So start with a collection of oils and vinegars to make a Mouth water. Two amazing California olive oils, a fruity organic blackberry vinegar, fig balsamic vinegar. And, to top it all off (literally), a bag of what we prefer to use instead of croutons: pretzel chips. Sprinkle these onto your salad and they'll stay super crunchy no matter how much you dress it up.

Or, supersize your salad with all of the above, plus maple-sherry bourbon vinegar and wholegrain herb mustard to add more savory depth. Tangy safflower oil infused with crispy-fried shallots. Zesty lemon salt for a citrusy finishing touch. Oh, and the coolest wooden spoon trio, hand-dipped in bright neon, to toss it all together.

Each set is perfect for adding reliably exciting variety to your workaday lunch routine.

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