Saffron Pasta Malloreddus


Saffron Pasta Malloreddus
Saffron Pasta Malloreddus Saffron Pasta Malloreddus Saffron Pasta Malloreddus Saffron Pasta Malloreddus
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Pasta's great if you're broke, because it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Saffron, however, is a pricey spice – the most expensive in the world, in fact! Saffron gives this pasta its gorgeous golden hue and a delicate, earthy flavor. While each noodle is infused with the spice, don't worry: it doesn't drive up the cost much at all. Consider it a tasty glimpse of how the other half lives.  

As fun to say as it is to eat, malloreddus' ridged shells are similar to cavatelli, but with a deeper crevice. This Brooklyn-based maker uses organic U.S.-grown semolina flour to make the dough, one batch at a time. They also use traditional bronze dies and air dry the pasta at low temperatures, so its texture is awesome, and makes it a good foil for heavy-duty sauces or rich cheeses. Not to mention, it maintains more nutrition and flavor.

Indie pasta might seem unusual, but once you've tried Sfoglini, we promise you'll never think about pasta the same way again! 

This is more than just an emergency dinner, it's a sleight-of-hand feast.  

Tip of the Tongue

Try with peas, ricotta and shrimp or with tomato sauce, fresh mint and pecorino. 

Organic semolina flour, water, saffron. Comes in a 12 oz bag.

  • contains wheat.
  • vegan.
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