Ryemageddon Rye Whiskey


Ryemageddon Rye Whiskey
Ryemageddon Rye Whiskey Ryemageddon Rye Whiskey Ryemageddon Rye Whiskey
  • $58 for 750ml


No no, it's not the end of days, but a taste of this whiskey is pretty earth-shattering!

Yes, this is a big and brawny whiskey with a rich, full body and tons of black pepper. The alluring hints of chocolate and freshly baked pastry (really!) make it perfect to sip alongside dessert. It's a must-have bottle for rye whiskey fans everywhere.

Here's the deal: Corsair master distiller Darek Bell ferments 80% malted rye and 20% un-malted chocolate rye from local farms, then distills the mash once in an antique still and a second time in a modern copper pot still. It's then aged for around a year in 15 gallon casks before being brought to proof and bottled by hand.

did you know?

100% rye whiskeys are particularly difficult to distill, because the fermented mash is incredibly sticky and hard to handle. We're super impressed that a number of small batch distillers have taken on the challenge, with tasty success! 

Distilled from 80% malted rye and 20% unmalted chocolate rye; 46% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750mL bottle.

  • vegan.
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