Rye Whiskey Special Reserve Chocolate Bar

Rye Whiskey Special Reserve Chocolate Bar


  • $17.50 for a 1.94 ounce bar

Mouth says...

Sometimes chocolate gets extra sophisticated, and we love it. This 77% dark chocolate bar by Goodnow Farms has an intense (and completely scruuumptious) bitterness, with rich earthy tones and the unmistakable – and very grown up – flavor of Putnam rye whiskey, crafted by Boston Harbor Distillery just an hour away from Goodnow Farms! Goodnow Farms Chocolate is made on a 225 year old farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where the makers have a passion for crafting incredibly delicious chocolate through responsible, ethical methods. This adults-only bar is the latest in a long line of chocolate triumphs for this team. 


Tip of the Tongue: 

If you’ve ever felt like gifts for guys lack originality year after year, this smooth, whiskey-flavored chocolate bar is here to help. Tuck into his stocking, or tie a bar (or five) to the tops of other packages with a classic big red bow. The bar also pairs really well with whiskey (no surprise there), so a bottle of rye in that stocking too wouldn’t be a bad idea...


Cacao beans, organic sugar, single origin cocoa butter (Esmeraldas), rye whiskey.
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.