• $11.25 for an 8.75 oz jar


Tangy, sweet and just a little hot, this is the best red pepper jelly we've certainly come across. Bonnie was inspired by a version she tried in Alabama, but her recipe for this Southern staple took longer than expected (she was used to working with fruit!). Almost immediately it became one of her most popular flavors. 

tip of the tongue

Try Bonnie's tip for Red Pepper Jelly Guacamole: In a small bowl, mash 4 very ripe avocadoes until smooth. Add 1/2 cup jelly and 2 tablespoons chopped white onion. Mix well and serve with crispy torilla chips. Boom!

We also love it on a cheddar cheese or smoked turkey sandwich with Tin Mustard.

Sweet red peppers, cider vinegar, sugar, pectin and habanero peppers. Comes in an 8.75 oz jar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles nuts.

  • vegan.
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