Red Fife Heritage Grain Pancake Mix

Red Fife Heritage Grain Pancake Mix


Mouth says...

Why should Saturday have all the fun? In the time it takes to heat your griddle, you can mix a batch of these pancakes every day, adding nothing more than water, melted butter and a whisk. And since the main ingredient is flour made from a 19th-century heirloom grain, you really taste the wheat – nutty and complex – in a way that will make you wonder what those other flat, round things you’ve consumed for years even were.

A wholesome and tastier flour was exactly what Hayden Flour Mills founder Jeff Zimmerman was after when he convinced farmers in Tempe, Arizona to plant varieties of grains that hadn’t grown for centuries and then milled them fresh on a 1,000-pound millstone imported from Austria.  

The results totally outweigh the effort, so be sure to dust some flour on the counters and maybe even across your forehead before calling the kiddos down for a stack on a school morning. They’ll be totally thrilled and none the wiser.


You’ll pop right out of bed with the promise of these flapjacks slathered in butter and drizzled with maple syrup in your very near future. The earthiness of the wheat also lends itself to savory: Silver dollar-sized cakes with herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon would make a perfect passable party bite.

The Perfect Pancake

1 cup pancake mix
1 cup water
1 tablespoon melted butter


1. Whisk pancake mix, water and melted butter together.
2. Pour 14 cup batter at a time onto a hot frying pan. When the pancakes are full of bubbles on the top, it's time to flip them.
3. Place the finished pancakes on a warm plate in a 200° F oven until you have enough to serve. Top with butter and maple syrup, or any fresh fruit and enjoy!

Total time: 10 minutes
Yield: Makes 12 amazing 4-inch pancakes


Stone ground Red Fife Wheat*, non-fat dry milk, powdered honey (honey, wheat starch, calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), leavening (mono calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), egg whites, salt. This product contains wheat. *GMO wheat is not approved for production in North America. All Hayden Mill wheat is grown in North America. Comes in a 1 lb box.

  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains eggs.
  • Contains wheat.