Raise the Bar

  • $144.50 EACH
  • $239.50 EACH
Includes gift wrap in our signature tote


Our independent distillers are raising the bar (ha) with inventive takes on classic spirits, so we're pulling out our best bottle service to help you upgrade that well-stocked bar cart.

Here's the lineup: Classic, juniper-forward gin that's "navy strength" and perfect for cocktails, rich 100% organic vodka, smooth and drinkable bourbon with a touch of spelt. Go the extra mile and add on a bittersweet herbal liqueur (try swapping it in for Campari), a single estate rum from Georgia made from pure cane syrup, and an aromatic, extra dry vermouth tasty enough to sip straight and unbelievable in a martini.

This makes a great gift for the budding liquor enthusiast.