Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
  • $10.25 for a 3.2 oz bar


This bar took the gold medal at the 2014 International Chocolate Awards, and we aren't a bit surprised. Not only is it one of the most delicious versions of a chocolate hazelnut bar we've ever tried, the oh-so-contemporary addition of crunchy quinoa makes each bite even more enticing. The first time we tasted it, the whole bar quickly disappeared, because we all kept taking "just one more" little sliver. 

The pockets of puffed quinoa are suspended in the whipped filling that's, dare we say it, got more hazelnut flavor than Nutella. This is the total package for us: sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy, rich, portable.

Fika is a Swedish verb that translates to “take a coffee break,” usually accompanied by something sweet and delicious. While most of us take our coffees to go, fika is an important daily ritual for Swedes who like to take a moment to indulge in conversation. Why not take a fika with FIKA?

tip of the tongue

Imagine slicing this long, slender bar into one-bite pieces and serving them with after-dinner espresso.

Hazelnuts, sugar, Tahitian vanilla, milk chocolate, cacao butter, caramelized quinoa, salt. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, milk and egg. Comes in a 3.18 oz bar.

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