Pumpkin Spice Brittle



Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a lonely chocolate chip pumpkin bread. One lucky day, he met the sweetest, buttery shortbread cookie. It was love at first bite. He loved her even though she was a bit flaky. And she knew his chocolate chip freckles were what made him unique.

Their child got the best of both of their personalities. He was sweet, but a little salty. Not as tough as Mom, but not too soft like Dad – he was just right! With a spattering of chocolate chip freckles, nobody could call this pumpkin boy basic! And his addictive personality meant everyone wanted to be around him all the time.

Ok, we made up the fairy tale. But it’s all true. This pumpkin spice brittle is so good it seems magical: sweet, savory, buttery, flaky and seriously addicting. We took some very professional tasting notes and all we could say was, “YUM! OMG! YUM!”

At an age when the average kid may not know how to turn on the oven, Joanne Lomanto, the owner of Brooklyn Brittle, was heading home after school to bake cookies with her grandma – and not just any cookies. Already she loved to reinvent the classics and create new flavors. She ended up pursuing a business career, but in 2013 she revisited her love of baking and started Brooklyn Brittle. “Brooklyn Brittle is a true love story. Love for good food. Love for tradition. Love for innovation. Love for Grandma.” 


Go fall out and make a pumpkin s’more – squish some Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows between two pieces of brittle.

  • $10.75 for a 6 oz bag