Porcini Pasta Trumpets

Porcini Pasta Trumpets


  • $13 for a 16 oz bag

Mouth says...

Porcini mushrooms might come from the earth (literally), but we find their flavor heavenly. So porcini in pasta form? Sign us up. Immediately. 

Like true trumpets, the flavor of this pasta is loud and proud. Sfoglini does it by milling up dried porcinis and rolling them into subtly earthy, festive curls that can hold their own in a thick ragu or bolognese sauce. It's totally genius, and puts a fresh spin on an otherwise humdrum dish.

In fact, Sfoglini might change your pasta perspective forever. This Brooklyn-based team uses organic U.S.-grown semolina flour, makes the dough in small batches and pushes it through traditional bronze dies. Air dried at low temperatures to preserve nutrition and taste, its flavor and textures are shockingly different from the endless boxes that line superstore shelves.

tip of the tongue

We love serving these with mushroom sauces for extra earthy oomph. Just sauté shallots and garlic, add a substantial mix of wild mushrooms and a generous pinch of chopped thyme, sauté until tender, then finish with a splash of cream and lots of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 


"These noodles are actually infused with dried mushrooms, which pack a serious punch of umami. Since they’re so flavorful on their own, we recommend keeping it simple when it comes to the sauce – some brown butter, fresh herbs and a pinch of red pepper flakes should do the trick. "


Organic semolina flour, dried porcini mushrooms, water