Popped Tart Pack



Looking for a tasty way to make your workaday breakfasts pop? Grab this flight of indie popped tarts with five different all-natural, totally real fillings, ready to fly out the door with your thermos of coffee.

Yes, your commute just got a lot better, thanks to homemade hand pies in Chocolate, Salted Caramel Apple, Strawberry, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and, the Mouth team front-runner, Blueberry!

When maker Meghan Ritchie introduced these retro treats at Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg, they quickly became a hot ticket. We immediately swooned over their buttery, flaky crusts and to-die-for fillings. They’ve got such an intense city following, appearing in the pastry cases of every local coffee shop we frequent, and charting on the Village Voice’s list of the top 100 dishes.

Pop to it!


We ship these treats frozen and mostly they defrost on the way. Store at room temperature and when you're ready to enjoy, just reheat them in an oven or toaster oven at 250 degrees for five minutes. The pastries stay fresh for over a week, but those west of the Mississippi should eat these within a couple of days of receiving them for the freshest tasting pastries. If you make it more than 24 hours, you deserve some kind of prize.

  • $23 EACH