Pop Pop Popcorn Taster

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"I send this gift to everyone! It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet which is truly all you need in life."—Sophie, Customer Happiness


We're a bit maize-obsessed around here. So we've spent the past few months searching out the most tasty and interesting indie popcorn out there.

What did we find? Bags and bags of delicious caramel corn in distinctive flavors like pistachio, spicy almond, savory masala, or chai. Cocktail-inspired Dark and Stormy or Margarita caramel corn. Life-changing organic microwavable popcorn with rosemary/Parmesan, maple/sea salt, or lemon. Savory-sweet bacon caramel corn. Fluffy, exotic white truffle popcorn. Worth the hunt!

Behold, this awesome taster, available in three sizes of popiliciousness. These totes make great gifts for offices! And they're ideal for your favorite snacker who's away at school. Or you can just stash for yourself to have on hand for movies, after school, or midnight munchies.

Pop 'til you drop.