Pomme Cider

Pomme Cider


  • $14 for a 750ml bottle

Mouth says...

This cider is more like a sparkling savory rosé than anything else we’ve tasted – a bright blend of early-harvest apples, pomegranate and hibiscus flowers.

The apples come from the Hudson Valley of New York State and are pressed at Descendant Cider Company’s one-room urban cidery (the first in New York City) on a press of cider maker Jahil’s own design.

Pomme is crisp, tart and refreshing, with an impressive complexity. The cider is fermented with Champagne yeast to dryness, and the pomegranate is added purely to balance that out, while the hibiscus adds a lovely distinctive aroma and a beautiful tannic note, without overwhelming the distinct apple flavor.

did you know?

Hard cider was the original American beverage (it's basically all the colonial settlers drank!), and we're so excited that this delicious, historical beverage is suddenly popular again. We've tracked down the most incredible indie cider and perry on the market, all fermented from apples or pears using traditional techniques.

tip of the tongue

The simplest way to go about pairing food with this cider is to think of dishes and ingredients that you'd put together with apples and pomegranate. A fresh garden salad? Yes.  Soft Cheese? Check. Pork chops? Yup. A blanket in the park on a hot day….perfect!


6.5% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750mL bottle.

  • Vegan.


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