Polynesian Rum



What does “tiki” mean to you? For us, we’re immediately transported to wood-paneled bars serving up tropical cocktails, complete with pineapple garnishes and little pink umbrellas. Lost Spirits head distiller Bryan Davis had another thought – why not make a rum that personifies tiki?

So Bryan turned to esters, the element in spirits that, when present in high concentrations in rum, contribute a fruity, flowery spiciness we can’t get enough of. Bryan and Lost Spirits Distillery started this rum with molasses, and yeast and bacteria cultivated on banana, which gave them a headstart on aromatic acids that boost the final ester count.

All this to say that once the distilled rum gets loaded into sherry-seasoned oak casks for aging, the charred oak “stops” those custom-built esters and flavors from maturing beyond their fruitiest peak.

Sounds like a lot of science, right? In 2015, Lost Spirits actually finalized the development of a crazy cool distillation technology they call the THEA | ONE Reactor, and they completely stopped production of their own spirits. So grab a bottle while the rum’s here – it’s the last of its kind.

tip of the tongue

Tiki = designed for mixing! Try our Indie Rum Runner: Combine 3 oz Polynesian Inspired Rum, 4 oz fresh pineapple juice and 2 oz ginger ale in a glass with lots of ice, and stir. Add a dash or two of Citrus Bitters and float lime slices on top.

  • $65 for a 750ml bottle