Sweet and Tart Pomegranate Drink Mixer

Sweet and Tart Pomegranate Drink Mixer
Sweet and Tart Pomegranate Drink Mixer Sweet and Tart Pomegranate Drink Mixer Sweet and Tart Pomegranate Drink Mixer
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This incredibly fruity, not-too-sweet syrup has a secret ingredient: vinegar! Drinking vinegar might seem like a really, really bad idea, but unlike the stuff you use to dress your salad (or clean your floor), this style harkens back to a traditional American beverage made by preserving fruit in vinegar and sugar.

At the Pok Pok restaurants in Portland and New York City, chef Andy Ricker makes amazing versions with a vaguely tropical bent that he's been kind enough to share with the wider public.

Pomegranate's vibrant, wintery, sweet fruit is perfectly captured in this pucker-y delicious drink. And you don't have to wait until pomegranate season (or risk crimson seed splatter) to enjoy it. Mix with seltzer and pomegranate juice for a totally gorgeous Pom-Bomb. You can also substitute this for grenadine in your favorite cocktails.

Mix it with seltzer and it's the best pomegranate soda you've ever tasted. Not too sweet, not too tart, once you've tried it, you'll be as crazy for drinking vinegar as we are.

Tip of The Tongue

The concentrate is meant to be diluted, so one bottle goes a long way. An awesome gift for pregnant or otherwise teetotaling friends and loved ones.


Pomegranate: Cane sugar, natural palm vinegar, pomegranate juice, pomegranate concentrate, citric acid, salt. Comes in a 16 oz bottle.

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