Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board

Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board
  • $50 for 1 board


With all of the special events you’ll be hosting through the end of this year and all of next, you’re going to need a beautiful, new way to showcase all the tasty goodies you’ll be serving AHeirloom’s Plus-Patterned Maple Cutting Board is the perfect canvas for all things meat, cheese, and everything in between. We totally fell in love with this design and pretty much everyone we’ve given it to loves it.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the cutting board adventures for husband-wife duo, Bill and Amy, began when they were seeking a unique and special way to honor their hometowns on their wedding day by making personalized boards, and they haven’t looked back since! We’re positive that it’ll will earn top marks with all of your guests, so don’t delay!


This cutting board is way too pretty to use exclusively for slicing fruits and veggies! Use it to serve any of our delicious cheeses and meats to create the charcuterie platter of your dreams. 

Each board is made of maple wood and measures 13.5" x 7" x 1 ". Please note that the material color and tone does vary from board to board as a result of the manufacturing process and the nature of the materials.

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