Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos

Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos
Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos Pizza Slice Temporary Tattoos
  • $6 for a pack of 4 tattoos


You’re obsessed with pizza. You’ve even toyed with the idea of getting permanently inked with your favorite slice. But after Googling, “Pizza Tattoos” and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through what have to be ideas generated by the combination of lots of alcohol and a slice to end the night, maybe you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger. Enter our fake pizza tattoos.

Dripping with cheese and covered with pepperoni, these delicious, two-inch by two-and-a-half inch slice tattoos are a way for pizzaterians to wear their pizza pride on their sleeves, or anywhere on themselves for that matter (yep, we went there).

Tattly, based in Brooklyn, New York, sells temporary tattoos designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale (these are by Brooklyn-based artist Julia Rothman, who creates illustrations for books, mugs, clothing and more). 

Their tattoos are non-toxic, made with vegetable-based ink and last on average about two to four days – for best results, place on an oil-free area where skin does not routinely stretch.

Unfortunately, these don’t work like a scratch and sniff (don’t ask how we know that), but you (or whoever you give them to) also won’t wake up in the morning with any regrets. Good decisions, folks.


These are perfect for giving as a whimsical little gift to someone who’s equally pizza obsessed, or for stuffing into stockings…




FDA-approved, non-toxic vegetable-based ink. Comes in a pack of 4 2-inch by 2.5- inch tattoos.

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