Sea Salt Pipcorn



This classic, movie-ready, sea salt popcorn is light and airy, sprinkled with a dash of olive oil and just a taste of sea salt to bring out the delicious, natural flavor. 

Plus, it's made from a special kind of corn, so when it's popped (always by hand and in small batches, in just a little olive oil), the mini-kernel shells break up into tiny pieces. 

Here at Mouth we love popcorn, but you know what we don't always love? Little pieces of kernel that inevitably get stuck in your teeth. We've been in love ever since we first tasted Pipcorn at Smorgasburg, right near our DUMBO, Brooklyn office. With a name that cute, how could anyone not?

It's the perfect popcorn for a first date. Or someone with braces. Or a first date with someone with braces. 

Tip of the Tongue

The almost complete lack of hull in this popcorn makes it crunchy yet tender – perfect for sensitive little teeth. Feed this to your kids for a tasty, healthy snack you won't have to worry about.  

  • $8 for a 4 oz bag