• $8.50 for a 5.5 oz box


Made in Cincinnati, OH, these beer-based crunchies are made with terrific craft beer, butter and whole grains. They're supremely crisp and will go beautifully with any cheese or charcuterie you happen to be serving, as well as just for general post-work/post-school emergency snacking. 

Dark and rich, with deep rye flavors and a satisfying snap, these porter crackers are great for pairing with strong cheeses, and they definitely belong on your game-day party table, along side your spiciest dips or spreads.

Pilsner: Light rye flour, unbleached wheat flour, unsalted butter, pilsner beer, sugar, kosher salt, sea salt. Comes in a 5.5 oz box.

  • contains dairy.
  • contains wheat.
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