Pickled Broccoli

Pickled Broccoli


Mouth says...

You don’t have to orchestrate covert ops to convince anyone to eat these cruciferous veggies. Mega-healthy broccoli: maligned no longer! Pickled to perfection, these broccoli florets retain a satisfying snap, and since they’ve soaked up loads of sassy brine, you’ll get a bracing flavor blast in every bite. Big ups to Brooklyn Whatever – specialists in unconventional (no cukes!) pickled produce. Like all Shpickles, these pickled baby trees are  made by hand with all natural ingredients and non-GMO vinegar. Brooklyn Whatever is also a family-operated, woman-owned company that’s committed to environmentally conscious fare. Doesn’t food just taste better when you know the folks behind it?

Tip of the tongue:

These zesty pickled veggies are wildly versatile. Excellent on their own or enlisted to liven up everything from an omelette to a salad to a school lunch, they’re bound for regular rotation. Make the best beef with broccoli of your life. Upgrade your failsafe stir fry. Add some pep to that cheese plate or stir them into cold sesame noodles or fluffy quinoa.