Pickled Baby Corn


Pickled Baby Corn
Pickled Baby Corn Cherith Valley Gardens Pickled Baby Corn Pickled Baby Corn Pickled Baby Corn Pickled Baby Corn Pickled Baby Corn Pickled Baby Corn
  • $11.50 for a 16 oz jar


Was it love at first sight? Or love at first nibble? We can't remember. All we know is we were so excited when our friends at Cherith Valley sent over this a-maize-ing jar. 

The tiny baby kernels expertly absorb the vinegary brine, which is laced with a generous share of garlic and gets mild heat from jalapeño peppers. 

Perfectly crisp, subtly sweet and just a little spicy – shucks! These unique pickles make a tasty and versatile snack, whether they're sliced into salads or plucked straight from the jar. 

Tip of the Tongue

Get creative and try dicing these up and adding them to your favorite pasta salad. They'll bring a distinctive, tangy flavor and light crunch. And of course, when you eat them, you can pretend you're a giant (wait, no one else does that?). 

Baby corn, water, vinegar, jalapeño peppers, garlic, spices, salt. Comes in a 16 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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