• $14 a 9 oz jar


Anything is possible when you have a jar of dippable, dunkable, drizzle-able, drenchable, drinkable fudge sauce in your life. It’s like having a house that backs up to Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.

Chocolate sauce has been a fixture in the Barton household since the 80s. Dad would (and still does) have ice cream with chocolate sauce every night for dessert, but wasn’t always so discerning about the brand he’d employ. So, daughter Mary-Wommack made one with all the convenience of the squirty kind but none of the high fructose corn syrup or preservatives that tend to tag along. 

The bracing peppermint flavor is a welcome spin on everyone's favorite classic. Stir into steamed milk, drizzle over ice cream, pour over pound cake, spoon straight from jar to Mouth. 


Trickle this minty sauce over a square of these amazing brownies topped with vanilla ice cream. Crushed peppermint stick flurries seal the deal.

Cream [milk, cream, carrageenan] cane sugar, chocolate , butter, salt, cultured cane sugar, peppermint oil. Comes in a 9 oz jar. NOTE: Contains milk.

  • contains dairy.
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