Peanut-Chocolate Granola Bar

Peanut-Chocolate Granola Bar


Mouth says...

The word "awesome" gets thrown around a lot, so we first took these self-proclaimed Awesome artisanal bars with a grain of salt. After all, how awesome can a granola bar possibly be?

Pretty awesome, it turns out! The ladies behind these bars know a thing or two about granola: there's a lightly chewy and toasted layer, with chunky peanuts and flax seeds mingling in a light glaze of brown sugar and agave nectar, all topped with a thin layer of sweet, smooth dark chocolate. 

We also love that the bars are nice and big, because no one likes a skimpy snack. 

Tip of the Tongue

Like anything awesome, this bar is mega-chill: meaning it can fit in just about anywhere. With enough protein-packed peanuts to fuel an afternoon of hiking, surfing or skiing, as well as that satisfyingly sweet peanut butter-chocolate flavor, you can have an Awesome Bar for both lunch and dessert (trust us – you'll want to). 



Organic oats, roasted peanuts, organic agave nectar, brown sugar, organic flax seeds, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin added as emulsifier), organic coconut oil, sea salt

Processed on equipment shared with peanuts. Produced in a facility that processes milk products.

  • Contains peanuts.
  • Contains soy.