Peanut-Chocolate Granola Bar


These granola snacks remind me of a super peanutty, lightly chocolatey, chewy no-bake oatmeal cookie. –Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor, Food & Wine Magazine


The word "awesome" gets thrown around a lot, so we first took these self-proclaimed Awesome artisanal bars with a grain of salt. After all, how awesome can a granola bar possibly be?

Pretty awesome, it turns out! The ladies behind these bars know a thing or two about granola: there's a lightly chewy and toasted layer, with chunky peanuts and flax seeds mingling in a light glaze of brown sugar and agave nectar, all topped with a thin layer of sweet, smooth dark chocolate. 

We also love that the bars are nice and big, because no one likes a skimpy snack. 

Tip of the Tongue

Like anything awesome, this bar is mega-chill: meaning it can fit in just about anywhere. With enough protein-packed peanuts to fuel an afternoon of hiking, surfing or skiing, as well as that satisfyingly sweet peanut butter-chocolate flavor, you can have an Awesome Bar for both lunch and dessert (trust us – you'll want to). 


  • $4.25 FOR A 2.2 OZ BAR
  • $35.50 FOR 12 2.2 OZ BARS
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