Peanut Butter and Passion Fruit Jelly Chocolate Bar



This PB&J inspired candy bar takes everyone's favorite pairing to a whole new level of deliciousness!

A thick, creamy layer of peanut butter praline is mixed with crumbly biscuit for a deliciously crunchy texture. That's topped with a tartly sweet and tender layer of passionfruit pâte de fruit. Then it all gets a finishing dip in semi-sweet chocolate. 

Meet the newest addition to our collection of PB&J chocolate goodies – the "Andy" bar from Fixx Chocolates! Fixx mastermind Nicole Coady named this bar for her younger brother, who was the candy "guinea pig" in the company's early stages. This was his favorite bar – and nobody here at Mouth HQ is wondering why. 

Each box contains two small bars, so it's not only the perfect chocolate-peanut-jelly-ratio, it also encourages savoring each and every bite. Wait, you thought we were going to suggest sharing? Not a chance! 

tip of the tongue

If Andy had gotten his way, each little bar supposedly would have been twice as big. So – stock up on a couple boxes and enjoy two at a time!

  • $10 for 2 1.5 oz bars