Peanut Butter & Jelly Taster

An expertly curated gift bag from Mouth

In this gift:

All these goodies come gift wrapped in our signature cotton tote


Everyone's favorite sandwich just got an upgrade! We've got crazy-good peanut butter in varieties blended with stuff that only makes it better, like almonds, cashews, or chocolate (and the list goes on). We promise you a jar like no other.

And let's talk about jam. We work with jam makers who are masters at taking a simple, old-fashioned concept jam and elevating it to something sublime. You will swoon from the perfect balance of fruit and sweet and tart.

We're also throwing in PB&J macaroons and a jelly-licious pate de fruit heart, so you can get your PBJ fix wherever you go.

  • $61.50 EACH