PB + Heeeey Dark Chocolate Bar

PB + Heeeey Dark Chocolate Bar


Mouth says...

This decadent dark chocolate bar will satisfy the most intense pb+j cravings. Like an after-school sandwich on steroids, the handcrafted cocoa base comes studded with sugary shards of peanut and puffed rice praline, as well as raspberry pate de fruit, a type of French, pectin-thickened confection that's kind of like an upscale gummy. In other words, it's feeding our feelings of lunchbox nostalgia in a deliciously adult way. We're all about raising the bar when it comes to our Mouth exclusive chocolates, and guarantee you won't find anything like this combo at your corner market. It'll be your jammy vice.

Tip of the Tongue:
A carton of milk is one thing. But chocolate and wine are so much butter together! Pair this grownup bar with a glass of bubbly Lambrusco. The sparkle will complement the sweetness of the raspberry pate de fruit "jelly," while the acidity will lift the richly earthy nuts.


Dark Chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), Peanut Praline (roasted peanuts, sugar), Raspberry Puree, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Toasted Rice (rice, sugar, glucose, malt flavor, salt), Tapioca Syrup, Inverted Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Raspberry Powder

  • Contains peanuts.
  • Contains soy.
  • Contains wheat.