Pasta Night Taster


You know you love it. You crave it. Your spouse begs for it. Even your children want it.

Yes, yes, yes! Pasta.

But not all pastas are enough to make you weak at the knees. You've just got to try Baia Pasta and Sfoglini. The design of the packaging itself is a treat, but wait until you taste these organic, handmade, beautifully-shaped bites of deliciousness. You'll be tempted to eat straight from the colander (come on, we know you do it).

But don't. Because we're including one jar of classic red sauce from Jar Goods plus, a jar of Nonna's brilliant, breakthrough, Calabrian-inspired tomato sauce. Some seriously talented cooks slaved over hot pots of bubbling tomatoes in the kitchen, but you, you just open the jar, pour it on the hot pasta and take all the credit.

Now drizzle on some Baja olive oil and a spoonful of olive tapenade and you'll look like the grand chef we know you really are.

Pasta night. Yes.