Passover in a Box

Passover in a Box


Mouth says...

Why is this Passover box of treats different from all other Passover boxes of treats? It contains a few upgraded classics like macaroons to total holiday disrupters like "ungapotchkies" (as the grandma on the box says, "Get them away from me!"). The peanut butter-filled chocolate frogs are the tastiest way we know to brighten the seder table and remember the second plague, and organic candied oranges add a contemporary twist (did you know the orange has become a new seder plate symbol...Google it.) Those fruit flavored jellies that Aunt Phyllis brings every year are sweet, but these exquisite pate de fruits are so good you may want to hide them for yourself far from the afikomen. Zissen pesach! 

Note: The products are not certified Kosher for Passover, and the ungapotchkes contain rice flour. Quinoa is eaten by many during Passover. 

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Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we'll ship something slightly different than what's listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!