• $18 for a pack of 8 tattoos


With these festive temporary tattoos, the party goes where you go! This Party Set has everything you need to adorn yourself, or someone you love (hellooo… kids’ birthday party!) in all things celebratory. 

The Party Set designed by Brooklyn-based artist Julia Rothman includes eight party-tastic tattoos: a banner, candles, three cupcakes, a wrapped gift, a party hat, balloons, a cupcake and a party garland. Hip, hip! 

Tattly, based in Brooklyn, New York, sells temporary tattoos designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale. Their tattoos are non-toxic, made with vegetable-based ink, and last on average about two to four days – for best results, place on an oil-free area where skin does not routinely stretch.


These would make a great little birthday gift or party favor. Here’s an idea: Getting someone a birthday gift from Mouth? Add a set of these temporary party tattoos for an extra lasting hug.

FDA-approved, non-toxic vegetable-based ink. Comes as a pack of 8 tattoos. Size: NA by 3 inches.

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