Orleans Herbal Ice Cider

Orleans Herbal Ice Cider


  • $45 for 750ml

Mouth says...

This herb-packed ice cider is New England’s answer to European aperitifs! It’s a super-concentrated “pre-dinner” spirit like vermouth, but rather than having a traditional wine-grape base, it’s grounded in apple.

So what is ice cider? It’s a type of hard apple cider that was born in Quebec. It can be made a few different ways, but Eden starts by pressing local apples and leaving the juice out in the long, cold Northeastern winter. The water freezes (hence, the ice in ice cider), and what’s left is super-concentrated apple juice, to be fermented with Champagne yeast.

For the Orleans Herbal, the ice cider is infused with Vermont-grown organic basil and anise hyssop leaves and stems. Once strained, the concentrate is blended with a little more ice cider.

Eden developed their Orleans line of aperitifs in collaboration with winemaker friend Deirdre Heekin. Deirdre became obsessed with aperitifs after a trip to Italy, and Eden was sitting on a surplus of apple juice concentrate leftover from ice cider production. Orleans became the perfect solution.

did you know?

Members of the Vermont Ice Cider Association craft their versions using the same strict rules that govern Quebec ice cidermaking, so you can be sure that Eden’s ice cider base is made from 100% Vermont-grown apples, without added sugars, colors or flavorings.

tip of the tongue

No joke: This one is a mouthful of juicy, fresh-picked basil. Pour 1 oz over ice, add a twist of lime and top up with soda water for an easy happy hour cocktail.


16% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Vegan.


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