Original Organic Sriracha

Original Organic Sriracha


Mouth says...

Spice fiends aren’t a meek bunch. And since all hot sauces are not created equal, they feverishly defend their favorites. We get it, but we also believe in things new and indie. One lick of this preservative-free, farm-fresh take on the original red rooster and all you sriracha devotees (you know who you are) will be crowing about the new bird in town.

The folks behind the 50-acre organic Kitchen Garden farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts, grow all the medium-hot red chiles and garlic that, along with a little sugar and salt, become the mash that’s then fermented, food milled and heated with vinegar. The kicky yet balanced (and in no way tear-inducing) result goes into a squeezable bottle emblazoned with a rooster that looks like it had a run-in with a fire-breathing dragon.

We set up a pork and pinto bean taco cockfight – the green-topped bottle in one corner, the black-topped bottle in another – and crowned this indie newcomer Capsicum Champion.


Heat things up in the kitchen by adding a few squirts of home-grown sriracha to your favorite jarred tomato sauce, toss with your preferred pasta shape and then you get to call your marinara an arrabbiata instead. Wednesday nights will be so. much. hotter. Oh, one last thing! Sometimes these bottles look slightly sucked in. That’s because the bottles have a pressure-lined seal under the cap. Don’t worry! As soon as you unseal the bottle it will return to form.


Chilies, vinegar, can sugar, garlic, salt, xanthan gum