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Turn to this stunning orange wine when you’re looking for a celebratory bottle without the strong carbonation (and overflowing foam!) of bubbly.

Wait, orange? Yes! This type of wine is a nice bridge between bright, vibrant white and a weightier, lingering red. Orgia picks up the palest copper hue from skins that are purposefully left on the Pinot Gris grapes during fermentation – with native yeasts, of course. This also means the wine boasts more tannins, more lip-smacking acidity and texture.

There’s a slight tingling effervescence here, with floral, apple-y flavors that hint at herbs like thyme and winter savory. Tiny bubbles make us feel fine! And don’t even get us started on the summery sun-print label. Fitting, since at least 75% of the winery’s energy is generated by solar panels.

tip of the tongue

Orgia’s lingering, somewhat salty finish is a Mouth-watering plea for food, particularly fried chicken, pork chops with sautéed apples, seafood risotto or paella. Winemaker Rob Sinskey says this one ages gracefully, too, if you’ve got room for an indie wine cellar!

13.7% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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