Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni)


Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni)
Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni) Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni) Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni) Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni) Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni) Khorasan Kamut Corkscrews (Fusilloni)
  • $12 for a 16 oz package


"Since it’s whole-grain, he won’t feel guilty going back for seconds (or, that’s what we like to tell ourselves)."


Khorasan Kamut, a heritage form of wheat, has a mild, nutty flavor that makes it a great match for vegetable and cheese based sauces. Try it with a sauce made of lots of caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash and sage, then add a dollop of fresh ricotta to each serving. 

Baia Pasta is an Oakland company run by two Italians who realized that most Italian pasta is made from North American wheat shipped to Italy, made into pasta and then shipped back. Crazy, right? They set out to create pasta here instead, from the finest organic flours from Utah, Montana, Colorado and California. 

Each type of wheat is well-kneaded with no other ingredient besides cold water then extruded gently in small batches through brass dies, giving the pasta a rough surface (good for catching sauce and for cooking al denté). It's then dried at low temperatures to preserve the original protein and gluten content. The pasta is out-of-this-world good. And the type geeks in our office (and there are more than a few) are in love with the beautiful packaging.

tip of the tongue

Great pasta calls for great sauce, like a jar of classic red or vodka sauce from Jar Goods!

Each pasta contains nothing more than the type of grain listed and water. Comes in a one-pound box.

  • contains wheat.
  • vegan.
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