Organic Molé Bitters

Organic Molé Bitters


  • $28 for a 3.4 oz bottle

Mouth says...

These organic bitters get an intense and earthy flavor from cocoa nibs, chipotle, cinnamon and orris root infused into a wheat whiskey base. One dash proves that almost everything is better with a little bit of chocolate and spice!

They're made by the team at Wigle Whiskey, the first distillery to make whiskey in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since before Prohibition. Until then, Western Pennsylvania was the heart of America's whiskey making industry. While we can't yet carry their whiskeys and other inventive spirits, they also make certified organic bitters using their own small batch wheat whiskey for the base.

tip of the tongue

We love to add a drop or two of bitters to seltzer for a refreshing, healthful cooler. And adding a few drops right before serving can set off the flavors of stews and sauces as well.


Made with small-batch, organic Wigle Whiskey distilled from wheat mash and infused with the following organic botanicals: cocoa, chipotle, cinnamon and orris root. Comes in a 3.4 fl oz bottle.

  • Contains wheat.
  • Vegan.