Oatmeal Cookie Mix



Imagine...baking your favorite oatmeal cookies is as easy as grabbing a spoon, box and bowl. Well, we're into wish fulfillment around here.

Krista Nelson designed her cookie mixes with the “anti-baker” in mind, for those of us who are a little, ahem, recipe challenged. She takes all the guesswork out of precise measurement and prints an easy-to-follow checklist. With one box, you’ve got just about everything needed for a small batch of warm, chewy cookies.

You bring the egg, the unsalted butter and the oven. In just minutes, your kitchen will fill with the smell of toasty oats and warming cinnamon – a bowl of oatmeal in dessert form. And absolutely no one is going to believe these came from a box. 

This one’s got us feelin’ our oats!

tip of the tongue

Krista suggests adding a cup of dried fruit or chocolate, but we read that as fruit and chocolate, so we add AllGood Provisions Organic Dried Cherries and indie dark chocolate to our batch.

We find that our cookies take a few minutes longer to bake than the recommended time, and that we get the tastiest cookies if we pull them from the oven when they still look a tiny bit underdone. Every oven is a little bit different, though, so be sure to keep a close eye on the time, especially for your first batch. 

  • $15.75 for a 15 oz box