Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin


Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin
Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin Oak Barrel-Aged Glorious Gin
  • $55 for 750ml


Barrel-aged gin is one of our favorite indie spirit trends, especially when the gin is already one of our faves even before it's aged.

After one glorious year in virgin American oak barrels, the juniper and lemon really pop, while the rosemary, ginger and grapefruit take up subtler background positions. And the barrel itself adds a note of vanilla that highlights the white whiskey base.

Unlike many gins that are basically infused vodkas, Breuckelen's gin is distilled from wheat grown in upstate New York. In fact, they barrel-age the same wheat spirit to make their 77 Whiskey. So by barrel-aging the gin, they came up with a spirit that artfully bridges the gap between gin and whiskey.


Did you know?

Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor.

tip of the tongue

The vanilla, spice and citrus notes make this gin amazing for variations on cocktails that usually call for brown spirits. Try an Aged Gin Mint Julep: Muddle a few mint leaves with fine sugar in the bottom of a julep or high ball glass. Pour in 2 ounces of Oaked Glorious gin and stir. Add ice, top off with club soda and garnish with a fresh mint sprig.


Distilled from local wheat; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • contains wheat.
  • vegan.
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