• $10 for a 16 oz jar


Michael, Jorge and Michael's mom Nonna Carolina have teamed up to make some incredible small batch sauces using her old family recipes from Calabria, Italy, using 100% local Jersey tomatoes, onions, olive oil, carrots, scallions and fresh herbs.

This vine-ripened Jersey tomato sauce gets a touch of agave nectar, and also features capers for a briny accent. In this case, there's truth in advertising... "Spicy" is spicy (thanks to Calabrian chile peppers!), so look out! 

tip of the tongue

Try Nonna's Spicy Sauce served over mashed potatoes or polenta with a little grated Parmesan. 

Spicy: Vine-ripened New Jersey tomatoes, onions, olives, extra virgin olive oil, carrots, scallions, capers, Calabrian chile peppers, agave nectar, fresh herbs, sea salt. Comes in a 16 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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