No Sugar Added Bacon



Just because you're sweet on bacon doesn't mean it has to send you on a sugar high. Yes, the pig-heads at Naked Bacon took their famous recipe for simple, no-fuss bacon one step further – no added sugar! This is the only sugar-free bacon we have ever come across, and we are super excited to add it our lineup. 

We still pick up all that amazing, un-masked pork flavor. In fact, without the sugar it somehow tastes even more meaty. Yes, please.

What is “naked” bacon? Exactly what you’re thinking – bacon made without nitrates, nitrites, chemical solutions, phosphates or water filler. And John Kreilich has been sticking to the basics since 1861, when his great-grandfather August Kreilich immigrated to Missouri from Germany. We're sure this simple speck nackt would make August proud.

tip of the tongue

This is an ideal gift for bacon-lover who has to dial down the sugar intake at breakfast, and anyone following the Paleo diet is probably doing a little dance of joy right now. Plus, the extra mouth-watering meat flavor also has us using this bacon in all kinds of savory dishes: crumbled into cheesy quiche, wrapped around stuffed poblanos, stacked up in a curry chicken club sandwich.