New Year's Resolutions

An expertly curated gift bag from Mouth

In this gift:

All these goodies come gift wrapped in our signature cotton tote


Happy 2017! Kick off the new year right with these easy trades and indie upgrades. Yep, it's all healthy stuff, but also insanely delicious. Behold, some suggestions:

Trade in candy for juicy dried fruit! Spread some nut butter made with almonds, wildflower honey and sea salt on Red Fife Wheat Crackers made with flavorful flours milled fresh from heritage grains. Trying to turn over a new leaf but don't want to give up on flavor? Punch up salads and healthy soups by topping them with pickled Brussels sprouts! Pass on the buttered popcorn and reach for White Truffle Pipcorn. And if you're doing a no-booze month but want a little nip of something non-alcoholic, sip on some sparkling grape juice. It tastes surprisingly like some of our favorite red wines, just without the hangover.

This collection makes an excellent gift for your favorite optimist.

Alternately, if you want to go in a bit more indulgent direction, try our New Year's UN-Resolutions Taster!

  • $82.50 EACH