Naucratis 2014

Naucratis 2014


  • $30 for 750ml

Mouth says...

Verdelho is a white grape you’re probably used to enjoying as sweet Madeira wine, but Naucratis takes advantage of the grape’s classic minerality and strong acidity in this balanced bottle. This one’s milder on the tongue than the aromatic nose would lead you to believe – light, and just a little buttery, with flavors of stone fruit and floral honey.

The Scholium Project loves to push the limits of vintage wines to create wild twists on familiar grapes. They produce tiny amounts, and the flavors can be hugely different vintage-to-vintage.

The 2013 release of Abe Schoener’s subtly powerful Naucratis white comes out of a two-ton delivery of grapes from Lost Slough Vineyard – grapes that ripened well on perfectly shaded vines. The grapes were harvested in abundance in warm weather, which generates that signature strong acidity.

tip of the tongue

This wine can stand up to a few years of aging. If you’re like us and want to open it right away, enjoy with a spread of spiced chicken kebabs, rice and lentils – Naucratis, or Naukratis, was a major city of Ancient Egypt.


14.4% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Vegan.