Napa Valley Olive Oil

Napa Valley Olive Oil


Mouth says...

Nena Talcott and Bonnie Storm had a collective 45 years of experience in the olive oil business when they decided to start their company — hence the name: Grove 45. It's so popular that each year the harvest sells out. In fact, we wanted to add it to the shop last fall, but it was too late!

This year's pressing has an intense green color and a robust, fruity, spicy flavor. It's a finishing oil that shines on its own and is worth savoring. Its full body and fresh, peppery flavors are reflective of the rugged and hilly terroir of the Chiles Valley, a remote corner in northeastern Napa Valley, where the groves are located.

Plus, it comes in a gorgeous, gift-worthy aluminum bottle that also protects it from light (which can cause olive oil to oxidize). This is some reeeeaallly good EVOO. It's not for just messin' around — and it has a California Olive Oil Council Seal of Excellence to prove it!

Tip of the Tongue

Let the oil be the star: Serve with crusty Italian bread and maybe a dash of salt, pepper or fresh parmesan. Or drizzle onto fresh whipped goat cheese, burrata or ricotta along with some cracked pepper for a mind-blowing appetizer or snack. 


"This silky oil is peppery and fruity – and perfect for dipping or drizzling over pasta or pizza."


Extra virgin olive oil

  • Vegan.