Movie Night Taster

  • $48.50 EACH
  • $86.50 EACH


"Whether you're craving crunchy and salty or sweet and creamy, there's a movie night snack here for you. While there's enough to share with your crowd, we suggest hoarding the sugar-flecked organic gummy bears to yourself (yeah, they're that good!)."


Ever agreed to see a movie only for the glorious (so, so glorious) popcorn and delicious candy that awaited you? We thought so.

Bring the best part of the movie theater to the best seat in the house: your living room. Salty Pipcorn makes for a snack you can munch from previews to credits without clogging an artery! When you want a break from salty, turn to upgrades of candy classics like dreamy fruit chews, organic gummy bears and a scene-stealing peanutty chocolate bar.

Or make it an Indie Film Fest with small-budget films and big-flavor snacks like white pepper and parmesan popcorn, smoked cola gumdrops, a bacon-y chocolate bar and sweet rock candies. It's just like being at Sundance! (Celeb sightings not included).