Mouth-Made Chocolate Bar Trio

Mouth-Made Chocolate Bar Trio


  • $19.50 for 3 bars

Mouth says...

We're obsessed with chocolate here at Mouth. Obsessed! After years hunting down the coolest and tastiest products around, we were still craving our favorite childhood bars. But the mass-produced, grocery store versions just didn't measure up anymore in terms of quality. Our Founder Craig got the tasting team together and said: “Let’s indie-fy!” So we upgraded two of our favorite bars – plus one original idea – with better ingredients and using sustainable processes, while capturing the same amazing flavors we can’t get enough of. In this set, you'll get to try all three Mouth-madebars:

Bar #1: We all need a High Five, right? This bar is stacked with (you guessed it) five salty-sweet layers. We gotta say – we nailed the precise fusion of peanut butter, pretzel and peanut for the base, with a thin layer of gooey caramel on top and a quick dunk in milk chocolate. Boom.

Bar #2: For inevitable mid-afternoon slump, we introduce the Flat White. You’re probably familiar with the name – it’s a popular espresso drink, similar to a latte but with the frothed milk really folded in for a velvety, creamy flavor all the way through. This bar's white chocolate, but it's hard to tell based on the color, thanks to deep and roasty coffee sourced from our friends at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. Each bar contains 4g of pure roasted coffee bean, which is stronger than a cup of coffee, so we still get enough caffeine to keep us buzzin’.

Bar #3: Calling all toffee fans – time for a Toffee Break! In this bar, the ratio of sticky almond toffee to sweet milk chocolate here is just right, hitting a happy medium of tacky crispness and smooth, melty chew. This all-time “classic” chocolate pairing makes this our CEO Craig’s favorite...although you can now find all three stashed in his desk drawer.

Happy tasting!


  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains peanuts.
  • Contains soy.
  • Contains wheat.
  • Contains treenuts.


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