Montmorency Cherry September Plum Jam

Montmorency Cherry September Plum Jam


  • $16 for a 6 ounce jar

Mouth says...

V Smiley, a chef turned jammer (as in preserves), looks to sweeten the world by swapping out refined white sugar for a less processed substance: locally-sourced honey. And you can actually smell the light floral aroma of natural honey as soon as you open this jar. The jam is made from all-natural tart cherries grown at V’s Vermont farm, and relies on lemon juice to keep it fresh, rather than preservatives. With the help of almond extract, which imparts that warm Amaretto essence, it almost tastes of summer cherry pie. A rich undertone comes from late-harvest luxurious plums. It’s a combination of flavors that quite honestly, leaves us gobsmacked. But going beyond the flavor, the texture is unlike any jam or jelly we’ve ever tasted, a sticky, lip-licking lusciousness that we attribute to the honey. These preserves have got us all... well, smiley.

Tip of the Tongue:

V Smiley’s all-natural, sugar-free preserve makes an exceptional glaze for duck breast. Pan-seared or grilled, the honey and fruit will mix with the rendered duck fat, caramelize and create a cracky, sticky-savory crust.


Plum, sour cherry, honey, lemon juice, almond extract.
May contain pits.

  • Contains treenuts.