Mixmaster Mama

Mixmaster Mama


  • $112.50 EACH
Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

Last year was a new robe. The year before? Jewelry. And the year before that... the cringe-worthy card you grabbed at the local grocers. This Mother's Day, we've got just what she needs. Treat your mom, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister or favorite mom-ager friend to a cocktail.

And not just any cocktail. A cocktail with souped-up ingredients that'll have her floating on cloud nine. This box is loaded with all things needed for a mom-worthy drink: a rich cherry grenadine to complement the blush in her cheeks; a watermelon, pomegranate, and white tea cocktail mixer; a luscious hibiscus and lavender cocktail syrup that's far better than a boring bouquet (and more fragrant than the store-bought ones from last year); a bright, citrusy lime leaf tonic that won't leave her bitter at all; and a zingy pomegranate mule cocktail mixer. Oh, and did you think we'd forget the cocktail accessories? Gold-star cocktail napkins and swizzle sticks by Meri Meri will make her feel like the queen she is, and unbreakable rocks glasses will complete the set.

Hand-written card and heart-felt hug not included. For bonus "favorite child" status, go to mom's place and shake up a cocktail for her in person. There are two glasses: one for mom and one for you.